Nottingham Rock City

March 15 2003

Well what do you know. 2 gigs in 2 days. Anthrax in London last night and now this. I almost feel like a youngster again. Or mid 20s at least. Surprised at how many people are here, I expected it to be downstairs, but there's a more than respectable gathering upstairs. I know little Opeth, only owning the Deliverance album for a few weeks now, I'm here out of curisity. I'm impressed. They play immaculately, though that makes it a bit dull as a spectacle, ok, very dull, aside from the fact that the 3 front people (ie, 2 guitarists and the bassist) ably demonstrate 3 headbanging techniques, the robotic side to side sweep of the bassman, the forward nod from the guitarist, and the occassional good old fashioned full upper body motion from the main man. But the music is progressive, heavy, folksy, gentle, hard, fast in equal measures. I guess you could say the songs follow a similar pattern in that sense, but it's just all so well done. Me being me, I prefer it when he sings, demonstrating an able singing voice. Very deadbeat between songs, the gaps for tuning just a little long, but yeah, good stuff. The songs from the Deliverance album stand up well to their studio counterparts. Still, when it's all over I scarper. Maybe feeling young for 2 gigs in 2 days, but an evening in Rock City with the young people, not at the moment ta very much.