Questions and Answers - Onion.

Ok, so this is taken from a copy of the Beyond newsletter thing that they used to send out. So it's OLD, with a capital OLD. Ok, we're talking like years ago. Anyway, read and well read.

Q: So what music have you particularly enjoyed over the last 6 months.

Gandy: Soundgarden at Camden Underworld was good, but I didn't go for it as much as when we toured with them. The Nirvana album was great but overplayed. Prince at the NEC was good,, but I wouldn't buy the album. Best gig was Rush at the NEC, the show pissed on Prince. Boiled in Lead at a pub in Derby was great, American folky fusion stuff, ten times as good as the Levellers. Worst things were Carter and the reult of the general Election.

Jim: Therapy at the Dial in Derby, brilliant band, great guys and they pulled a crowd in Derby! Primus in Dienze. Primus played the gig as a 'one-off' on the Living Colour tour. They played after us (Bastards) but were fucking great. My bloody photos didn't turn out though. Rush at the NEC, what can I say? After waiting for nigh on 200 years to see the greatest band on the planet, my only disappointment was that the gig didn't last for 3 years. Worst vibess were the Def Leppard album, the general election not doing a gig for ages and flying KLM.

Neil: Ride at the Assembly Rooms in Derby. The only British indie band with pure bollocks. None of this gimmicky crap, eg Carter, Neds - simply heads down see you at the end. Smashing Pumpkins - shit name, cool band. 12 months ago they were like Janes Addiction, now they're like Nirvana - don't journos just piss you off? - take no bullshit! Rush [yawn, cut this bit, we've heard it all before, ed]. Biggest disappointment was the Natural Law party not getting a majority.

John: Cop Shoot Cop and Foetus at the Limelight in New York, plus Therapy at the Dial in Derby were the best gigs. Best records were 'Floating into the Light' by Julie Cruis, and U2's 'Achtung Baby'. A few reasons why people will regret voting Conservative are : No publicly owned TV company after the BBC is sold off; The end of the mining industry after that is sold off; The end of new council houses to be built to replace the ones that have been sold; The end of privitisation because there will be nothing left to sell; An end to grants for students. Best match Derby 4 Newcastle 1!