This appeared in Kerrang! November 15 1997

Gorilla (supporting the Beekeepers)

King's Cross Water Rats, London.

Tuesday November 4


About 200 years ago, Gorilla were called The Beyond. 1997 sees them with new bassist Dave Petty, plus smart black suits and ties. They sound like a whole new band.

The foursome's songs used to have their moments, but would meander off into jazz fusion. Nowadays, Gorilla's creations reflect their name -aggressive, and single minded. When guitarist Andy gatford absentmindedly plays a twiddle between songs, singer John Whitby sneers, "yeah, yeah yeah".

At the end, Gatford and Petty tumble back onto Neil Coopers drumkit, the former tossing his guitar to the floor like a fast food carton. A band reborn.

Jason Arnopp.