Want a link?

Ok, thanks for coming here. I guess you want to maybe have a link added? Ok, here's the deal.

Fan sites

Fan sites - yeah, I'll add some, but not many, and usually only if there's no official site, or the official site is really really crap. Part of the reason is simply that there's so many fan sites around, I could end up with an entire page just for one band. And part of the aim here is to just make people aware of as many bands as possible. Constantly checking out something new. Hope you understand.

Obviously if I do link to you, a link in return would be appreciated.

You want your band added?

You want your band added? Ok fine. But please, think before you e-mail. I work all day - admittedly in front of a computer with net access, but, I can't really go checking everything out. So I kind of filter things. And if I get a message that simply says "add this" or "check this out" or similar, then I don't. Why? Cos well I haven't got the time to do all the work here. Let me know what the bands about, some kind of idea. Not a bio please. I hate bios. But you know, just some indication. Truthfully. Whenever I get a bio or an e-mail saying that "band x is totally original and pushing back the boundaries of music" then I kind of get an urge to go "no, no you're not" without listening to the music. Nothing's really original any more. Including this website and zine. So just think before you e-mail ok.

You might also want to consider whether you want me to review your stuff for the zine. In case you didn't realise, this links page is part of the electronic version of YAZ zine. To be honest, I'm more likely to put up a link of a band whose stuff I've heard properly - by that I mean I've got the demo or whatever at home and can listen to it anytime - not just when I'm hooked up to the machine in work and getting stared at by others if some strange sounds suddenly emerge from the machine. So maybe you want to send it for review. In which case, send it, and any details, to the address shown in the contact part below.

Obviously if I do link to you, a link in return would be appreciated.

Me getting back in touch.

I do try to answer as many e-mails as possible. But some slip through because of the volume I get per day (work related as well as music). So I apologise in advance if I don't get back in touch or if it takes a while. If you do send a "check this out" or "add this" message, well it really is probably certain that you won't get a reply. If you send a demo for review, you'll get a copy of the zine it appears in when it's out. Please don't bug me about it. Again, time is limited. When it's done, you'll get it. I'm going to try and get zines out every 2 months this year, but I WON'T guarrantee that. Things have a habit of going pear shaped, and it ends up being longer between issues, but with the issues growing to absolutely stupid sizes. And I can only afford to send 1 copy per band. Sorry, I know you stump up a lot to press demos, but I stump up a lot to produce the zine.

Contacting Me.

Ok, I think that's covered pretty much everything. Contact details:

Email to Dave.

Send demos, review material etc to:


Flat 1,

18 Zulla Road,

Mapperley Park,


NG3 5DB.