September 5 2001

YAZ No More.

I'll be stopping all work on YAZ shortly. The pages will remain for "historic" pah, yeah right, purposes until I decide to tear them down.

Part of the reason for closing it down, is that I've always tried to be honest in my opinions, and I've had a low opinion of the music industry / scene etc and said that. I still hold true with what I've said, but the fact is in the last year, I've done little myself. I don't go out of my way these days to see gigs, to find new music. I am stuck in a rut but not pulling myself out of it. So even though I get frustrated at the stuff I still do see, hear, it's far too hypocritical of me to actually say anything. In the past I've felt justified, cos I've tried to do something about it. Now I don't.

There's a possibility that I'll do some stuff for 2 other zines, and I'll probably set up a new site which will take the place of YAZ.

In an attempt to rid myself of all remain YAZ issues, an offer of sending 1quid plus SAE to the contact address will get you a CD and at least 3 issues of the zine. Otherwise they get burnt.


This site contains lots of text and not so many pictures. It will hurt your eyes. There's lots of honest opinions and heavy doses of sarcasm that will probably hurt your senses if you believe that music isn't above criticism. Put on your humour suit before entering this site. I bear no responsibility for bruised egos.

Can I just say once more, to make it clear. These are my opinions. If you don't like them, either don't read them, or write your own.

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