Bullyrag / Liberty 37

Wolves Varsity

May 16 1998

First up tonight, Liberty 37 from Swansea. Formerly known as Travis Inc, then Applecore, they've now hopeully settled on a firm name. To date, the only releases, as far as I'm aware have been tracks on the Organ CDs, and the No Beauty EP, also released on Org records. Those recordings give a sense of a more melodic hardcore ish sound. Others have compared them to Rollins/Sugar, but I think it's smoother than that. Live, the emotag struck me more as being relevent.

Only time for about 5 songs, highlight of course being the bastardised Paranoid riff that is Take It Live A Man. For all the intensity, Ish the vocalist, comes across as mildmannered and friendly. A much better outing than the recordings so far suggest. And they're not bad by any stretch. An interview will appear in YAZ shortly.

Actually, the Beekeepers were playing this gig as well, but well, I was doing the Liberty 37 interview, so I can't tell you anything about them.

And so Bullyrag. After a intensive bout of support slots with the likes of Tura Satana, Prodigy, Pitchshifter and Clawfinger, they finally get to do their own headlining tour. Only problem is, THE ALBUM STILL ISN'T OUT. But soon. June 1st is the release date. It means that the set is pretty much as it has been on the support slots, with a couple of extra tracks thrown in.

Everything is begining to fall into place. The songs sound familiar, Jump UP in A Fasion, Learn To Live, Frantic, Boom Boom Marijuana. When the album is unleashed, then it will hopefully make even more sense. The band seem to enjoy it, robbie stopping the show to say goodbye to some of the people that have been following the tour and have to leave early, and then lighting up a spliff in Boom Boom. 45 minutes and it's over. An interview afterwards with them revealed that there's a few songs they don't feel they can play until people are familiar with the album, because it just takes off in different directions. Should be good then.