Gig Reviews.

Since I've been in Nottingam, October 1995. Reviews normally appear the day after the gig. Basically, any gig I go to I review - I mean, I hope there's always something happening that you can write about - I mean, what points a gig if it leaves no impression or nothing to talk about?

Got a bit large, so split into years now. And yep, my counting may be ary. Don't worry about it though, there are more important things to worry about in life.

1995 9 gigs - well, I only started writing reviews in the last few months of that year! Not very good at all. They're utter crap, bollocks in fact.

1996 38 gigs - getting there. A little better on the writing. I think..

1997 48 gigs - the half century is surely close.

1998 86 gigs - And from here on in it's hit the pretentious drivel mode. Baby. Yeah. Ooh.

1999 91 1/2 - New Years Eve gig added

2000 58. Difficult motivational year. Getting old.

2001 Cityjam - August 11 / Medulla Nocte - September 1 2001