Clawfinger / Cold / Bullyrag

Wolves Wulfrun.

March 14 1998

First up, cheers to Andy for actually getting me into the gig.

Bullyrag, the album needs to be released. After a year of seemingly inactivity from the first time I saw them, now they are in your face on every tour. Which is fine if it wasn't for the lack of an album. The Bullyrag sound takes some getting used to. The singles do, but when you get used to it, it does sound good. But it means the gigs are sometimes lukewarm in their reception. Get the ferkin album out. Oh yeah, nice bit of thrash drumming from percussionist, head loony, sampler, Ming the Merciless lookalike Dave at the end, following the drummers leap into the crowd. Can still do without that extended middle bit of Boom Boom though. The last guitar solo that did anything for me was by Moby of all people on the Animal Rights album (a 'kin excellent album if you've not got it.), and so I can do without this one.

Ok, I thought overnight about what to say about Cold. Went through all the cliche's. But at the end of the day, or the morning as it is at the moment, it has to be said. They were crap. The album is an ok piece of work, nothing to get yourself worked up by, but live. Hmmm. And this is what Kerrang! is creaming itself over. There goes my chances of working for them then! Sorry, but stage presence was negligable, and the songs just blended into one. don't know how long they were on, 30, 40 minutes. It seemed a damn sight longer than that. It's not helped by the Wulfrun's acoustics, but they really did smack of the "American so they have to be good" kind of syndrome. And they weren't. They were so cold they were fucking freezing. Well, had to get one of the cliche's in.

Lack of stage presence is one thing that Clawfinger's bassist / human whirlpool cannot be accused of. Lack of songs, or at least memorable ones may be something else. Someone I believe once said "Oi, that blokes a nutta!". But as I don't own an album, saying that would just be for the sake of provocation. Still, it surprised me that they managed to sell out the Wulfrun. But they did, and I guess most people seemed to enjoy. Still can't help watching the keyboard / shouty blokey and think of that Ed the Duck from kiddies TV. Not that I watch it these days of course. That was years ago!

Still, most people seemed to enjoy it, even if to my mind the continuous rapping by Zak gets a bit tedious. A little bit of mixing ut up wouldn't go amiss. And the Truth is still the best song they have, even if it is the only song I really know, though I think I recognised the one with the sample of thelittle girl saying "that'll be the day .." from the Deftones gig. But like I said, most people liked it and I'm just a cynical old bastard anyway, Time to go and finish being a grouch for the day!