Earache Xmas Bash featuring Entwined and Moletallica

Nottingham Rock City

December 21 1998

Tis the season of lots of people on the streets buying last minute pressies which pisses me off no end. Why don't they buy their stuff early so I can do my last minute shopping in peace without wanting to kill everyone. Sorry, had to put that in, custom y'know. But no, the season for being nice to people, for enjoying yerself and all that palava, which is why when I mention Moletallica this time, I'm going to try and be kind to them. This is what they are good for, a party. Not headline gigs. Seek and Destroy, Harvester of Sorrow, For Whom The Bell Tolls (a dreadful version), Ride the Lightning featuring Daz from Dearly Beheaded who dedicated it to some of the guys from Freebase (who are a hardcore band so shouldn't really like metal should they. Oh lighten up, I'm taking the piss. You should know that by now. Besides, it's the season of festive fun and dooberies), Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman, Sad But True, Sanitarium. Great songs from a great band. But performed by Moletallica in a party atmosphere.

See, I was nice about that wasn't I?

Entwined started proceedings with a frontman who so wanted to be The Hetfield between songs. "Here's a new song, it's some heavy sheeat for you my friends". That kind of thing. On to a looser really tonight, playing to 6 people and the rest partying and talking in their little groups. Plenty of new songs, all of which I've forgotten the titles of. Yeah, it was kind of fun, but the wrong place to make any sort of judgment.

And between them all was a section which made me think I was 18 again. Ooh, all those years ago. Metallica's Hit The Lights, followed by Maiden's Aces High (which had lots of the punkers dancing. At least the modern day punkers. Sounded so awesome). Ozzy's Over The Mountain and lots more like that. Oh, and Transylvania by Maiden, which sounded so great. So much more energy than a lot of new stuff. Think I'll have to pop on some Maiden over Xmas. A real classic metal hour, which featured serious air guitar work by Digby, the head of Earache. At least I assume it was him. Never met him, but seen pictures, and the bloke bore a striking resemblance to him. This was the party, and in a way it was better than Moletallica, cos it was real. Sorry, had to get a snipe in somewhere. It may be the season of good will, but I'm still me. But maybe that Moletallica got more people up proves that at the end of the day, live music still gets to people. And maybe that's a good thing. Maybe that should be taken as the positive way to end this evening and this year of gigs. Because experiencing live music is what it's about. Listening to all your favourites in the club is fine, with your friends and being cool, but live is where it's at. And it's where I'm off for this year I think.

So er, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. And remember to rock those little cotton buds off in the new year. Or something equally as cheesy.