Earthtone 9

Rudgeley Red Rose

Sepetember 18 1998

Well, the album has won me over, the question is, can they do it live? If you're reading this on the net, well, YAZ 8 will have a review of the album, so that you can see what I'm on about. And this was my chance to find out.

First though, a decent venue. Strange, in that the place seems to be tucked away in the middle of nowhere, but then they have a decent venue. Just hope that the people from there see fit to support it. There does seem to be an element though of that problem that occurs in so many places. Tonight was a Sepultura playback, which seems to ensure a decent turnout, yet not everyone seems to check out the band. Why? You’ve paid to come in, why not take a look and listen. You have a decent venue, bands play there, support it.

But anyway, the people who have decided to grace the band with their presence are greeted with the band leading in with the atmospherics and a light projection which brings Neurosis to mind. And then the band turn to the crowd and explode into one of two new songs in a 30 minute set which also features some of the heavier moments from the debut album. Withered is offered up early on, invoking some sense of recognition from people. Though that hadn’t stopped them from deciding to try and jump over the barrier that seems to have been pointlessly placed in front of the stage, and which is manned by about 5 people who seem more concerned with shaking hands with mates and being seen to be important than anything else. The end of the track also sees the caring side of vocalist Karl, as he spots the first victim of the peculiar barrier hoping being seen to on the stage. “First casualty. Ah fuck him”. Another new song follows, before it's time for Sand (spiral/prophet). From here on in, it's album material all the way, with Leadfot, Intonegrateattached and Vitriolic hsf finishing things off.

The new tracks seem to fit in well, still heavy. Not perhaps straying too far from the blueprint, but as it's the first time I've heard them, it's a bit hard to say. I've never been really very good at registering new songs. I need time to listen to them, especially if they are complex tracks, which is how much of the E9 material comes across.

After the gig, there seems to be some concern that the set may be too one-paced. Well, yeah, but, it’s an accusation that only holds credibility because the album prooves that the band have more than one pace. But now is not really the time, and audience, to unleash some of the more adventurous tracks. The knowledge that they exist is enough. And anyone, one paced never stopped some bands who have made an entire career out of it.

Yeah, I can complain that they didn't do Ever You Say, but that will come. Hopefully. When things are established, and the band are more able to dictate things, then it'll come. Let's just make sure it's sooner rather than later eh!

With any luck, an interview might get worked out soon, for a future YAZ.