Fear Factory / Spineshank / Kilgore

Wolves Civic Center

December 20 1998

It's time for Kilgore to open tonight, seeing as they are alternating with Spineshank. It sounds a little better tonight, maybe I just need to become more familiar with the material. They have some good songs, but some moments just drag as well. Lullaby For Your Casket and TK-421 are the highlights.

Hmm, Spineshank. well last night didn't do it for me, and this time did it even less. Sorry, but I'm just not getting it at the moment. I've said it before, I'll say it again, System of a Down moved the goalposts for music like this, some bands have not even noticed and are playing on the wrong pitch. Or maybe it's just me being a cynical bastard, but Spineshank ain't doing it for me. Headline the Wulfrun next year they will.

And Fear Factory again. It's the same as last night in Nottingham, down to the banter between songs. Tonight, seeing as it's a larger stage, they get to unravel the Obsolete backdrop and a few more of those rubber things. And the lighting compliments the music better giving it a more visual feel, which is something needed in the larger venues. Kinda funny watching the synchronisation between Christian and Dino for when they cross the stage and go into the "one two bend over, rock forward, headbang a little and up". Resurrection is the highlight again tonight. Not much more to say than that, sometimes you can come up with new ways of describing a gig, but this was like last night, minus the impromptu "you fat bastard" chants. Sounds like they plan on coming back for the Summer next year, festivals I guess. They still have something to do before they can pull it off in that environment as far as I'm concerned, and that just had nothing to do with this gig.

So that looks like it for this year for me. By my reckoning it's been about 85 gigs this year, which means a couple of hundred bands and more than a few miles in the car, bless it. There's the Earache Xmas Party tonight, featuring my friends Moletallica and Entwined. After that, well, a couple of days in Wales over Xmas means there'll be no gigs there. So, it's been a pretty comprehensive year. Some good, some bad. Here's to '99 I guess.