Clawfinger / Psycore

Wolves Wulfrun Hall

3 September 1998

Psycore! Psybore! Nah, too easuy. But sorry, they are. I've seen them a few times now, in various support slots, and they're not getting better. Can't see why certain magazines that will remain nameless at the moment, are getting into such a state about them. Boring live. Not mad. Not Psycho. Sure, it's unfamiliarity with the material as well, so why not get the album out? The singer does his standard, I'm a little mad me in a not really very mad way at all thing. Really pretty boring.

Not so Clawfinger. Still don't own anything by them, but I've seen them a few times live. One of those bands that are on the list of CDs to get, but always get pushed back a little further when something else catches your eye. Always handy, cos otherwise your eye might fly off somewhere, and you'd be lost without it. Not to mention blind. But, eyes aside, this is the best that I've seen them yet, and it may even push me over the edge towards buying an album. I may even buy one of their albums! Very few song titles, but there were a few songs that had me thinking of Faith No More, one in particular sounded rather close to Mid Life Crisis. No-one can sound like FNM, at least not as good, but it's always a good reference point. The bassist is still a human whirlpool, all hair. The guitarist is, according to the chants, a fat bastard as opposed to Zak, who is a skinny bastard. Yeah, bastard. Two sides and Biggest and The Best are titles I remember, along with Nigger, which despite Zak's protestations that racism is the biggest crime there is, still sounds like a misguided way of trying to tackle the subject. I can remember the outcry when the song was initially released. The Truth is the one song I know, and sometimes it feels like there is a danger that it's the only song that people do know them for. Well, apart in my case from "the one with the little girl nursery rhyme" intro. And that was it. Promises to return and of a new album next year. Clawfinger aren't essential, but for tonight they were fun. Sometimes that is enough.