Goober Patrol / Orifis /10 Inch Freak

Derby Victoria

August 7 1998

Having seen the Goobers for the first time at the all day hardcore thing the other month, I took the chance to check them out again sooner than I expected. And lo, there was a crowd. I’d almost forgotten what they looked like. Plenty of “real” skate core kids to support their friends, as you should do of course. In protecting the scene. Being real. Which is why they were all absent for Consumed or Monkey Boy or any of the other bands that play to nobody (or nobodies if I’m there). I know, you can’t go to all the gigs, I don’t. I’m guilty of what I slag others off about, but that’s ok cos I’m writing this and I’m a hypocrite anyway.

And it’s bloody hot in here. Wish there wasn’t so many people here, it may have been bearable then. (Ah, if you can’t see the sarcasm in that, then the “Introduction to Sarcasm Pt 1” will be available from me very soon now.)

And so, after parting with one of those 2 pound coins, (am I the only one who a) hates those things, and b) didn’t even know they’d been introduced until I was given one as change and then thought someone was giving me duff money?) But that’s something totally different. Anyway, we’re in and the first band are doing their thang!

10 Inch Freak. Not bad in that “it’s another melodic punk type of band sort of thing” way. Yeah. Uh, I’d like to hear a demo, but to be honest, it came, and er, it went. Next please.

Next are Orifis. Dodgy name. But, well, more of the same if you will. A frontman who’s a bit cocky. Cocky enough to tell off his mates watching him. Broken guitar strings are dealt with, and the songs keep a coming. Um, it’s actually best part of a week since this gig. I was just lazy and didn’t type it up straight away. And I’ve forgotten most of it. Does that tell you something? Again, I’d listen to a demo.

And Goober Patrol. In many respects I’m in the same position here. Melodic punk band. Humourous. Don’t own anything by them, so don’t know the songs, apart from the Spiderman theme tune that is. And so I’ve forgotten most of it, but I do know that I was entertained. It felt good. It felt like I really ought to go and buy one of the albums and take a listen. Many bands do that to me. The real test is whether I actually do it or not. Maybe I will, in which case, I think Goober will have passed the test. At the moment it’s looking in their favour.

So you reckon maybe next time I should not be so lazy and write a review when everything is still in my mind, instead of nearly a week later in an alcoholic haze? Where’s the fun in that?