Imbalance / Freebase / 3rd Stone / Not By Choice

Nottingham Old Vic

November 20 1998

Now you know me, well, maybe you don't, but if you've read any reviews / zines, then you'll know that I usually have a problem with something. And yeah, I often have a problem with some things in hardcore. And I could rant about them again here. BUT, I'm not going to. No. This deserves praise and credit irrespective of my personal misgivings, because some people have gone out and done something. Apparently, this was the first UKHC gig in Nottingham in a few years. Put on because no one else does anything. and for that, the people behind it, and the bands deserve some respect.

And there was a decent turnout, though it has to be said that quite a few seemed to be there for local band 3rd Stone. But that's fair enough. There were enough people to make it look like it's worthwhile putting on hardcore gigs at least in Nottingham.

Music, ok. First band up were Not By Choice from Northampton I believe. Played one song and the bass goes down. So there's a delay. But eventually they get things sorted and deliver a set which seemed to me to come from the metallic hardcore vein of things. Only song I remember the name of was Society. Be interesting to see how they develop.

Next up are local band 3rd Stone. I think they've had good reviews for their demo, which I've not heard. Impressive though. Some slower grindy moments, mixed in with more speedy blasts. They incite possibly the biggest response of the evening (like I said, locals) and Zaq from Lysis even gets told off for dancing too aggressively. Right, so it's time for me to try and get hold of the demo I think.

Freebase were next. One of the things that "amuses" me about hardcore, is the singer can wear a Judas Priest shirt and get away with it. If I did, cos I look metal, well, I don't know I could carry it off so well. Anyway, they deliver a set which is full of good stuff. Most of their tracks from the Household Name UKHC record are played, along with a bunch of songs that will be on their album. Metallic hardcore again, with fairly brutal vocals. I enjoyed it.

And finally Imbalance. "Let's not have any of that violent dancing. I mean, what is that all about". Imbalance are from Grimsby and take a slightly more lightheared approach to hardcore and delivery. Which in a way makes a refreshing change, and serves them well. Again, I don't know the names of the songs, so I won't bother with trying to kid you. But it all worked well, and it's another band I'm going to have to try and get some stuff by.

Ok, so there's little in the way of a review of the music there. Sometimes it's hard to find a way to describe music and a gig, and this is one such time. Instead it should be a reflection that someone actually did something and put a gig on. And let's face it, Nottingham needs some competition to Rock City. Especially the way they put on gigs downstairs in the Disco2 part. Remember the Earthtone9 insult from last week. Maybe, hopefully, this can be the start of the competition.