Incubus / One Minute Silence

Bradford Rios

Jan 28 1998

Surprised. Didn't expect a turn out this size, but that was good. One Minute Silence were first. In all the time they've been around, this was the first time that I've managed to catch them live. And it WILL NOT be the last. A revelation. I've only got the debut single, which as far as I'm aware is all that's been released anyway, but live, they are an exceptional proposition. A bassist who doesn't not know the meaning of the words 'sane' and 'motionless'. All over the stage and speaker stack. Clearly having a good time. A drummer who spends more time standing than sitting. It's a certainty that for both these nutters that moments of supreme embarressment will follow them. Like the bassist breaking a leg while jumping, and the drummer missing the stool when he goes to sit. It's a certainty. Add in a high kicking, monitor traversing frontman, and, importantly, a healthy dollop of heavy songs which cover enough boundaries to keep fans of old school and new school metal happy, and you have a band that should go a long way. And can you really argue with a band who cries 'metal' and whose bassist procedes to knock out the bass intro to Number of the Beast. Ones to watch and GO SEE. Honestly, go and see them.

Yeah, I liked em :) A new, albeit late on my behalf, addition to the ONES TO WATCH list.

And I like Incubus as well. Enjoy Incubus made me think of Faith No More and Mr Bungle (before they lost the plot). S.C.I.E.N.C.E is a heavier proposition, but still complete with its way out there moments. Which is illustrated by the band taking to the stage, with Brandon complete with his digiridoo (no, I have no idea how to spell it. I'll correct that one later!). And after a few minutes, Redefine launches a great gig.

A Certain Shade of Green follows it up, and we're then treated to the very best of both album and mini-album. Favourite Things, Shaft (dedicated to the Spice Girls), Anti-Gravity (their first love song).

Stage divers are greeted with friendly gestures, as Brandon points out that the stage has turned into an airport. Enjoy the trip? he enquires on a number of occasions. But it's all said with a grin. It clearly looks like they're enjoying things. Apparently, this was their first headline gig outside of the USA, and Bradford seems to be a place which will leave an impression with many bands. The crowds know how to do things, the stage divers do it properly. No pratting around and then feeble climbing off the stage. It means that when they mention that Man, we should play here again. Thanks for listening for all this time you know that it's a sentiment that is meant.

Nebula live is as manic as you would expect having heard the recorded version. Calgone, Hilikus, New Skin and, off course, You Will be a Hot Dancer finishes off a set that might get overlooked by some, but will be a contender already, for one of the best gigs of this year.

Hope that the band's wish to return to the UK for a fuller tour in May turns out to come true.