Incubus / Far / One Minute Silence

Manchester Uni

11 May 1998

So, this years b-day gig is this one. Damn site better than the semi-comatose White Zombie affair a couple of years ago, or the yawn fest that was Bore O'Negative last year

Anyway, OMS get things going, and seem to be doing a pretty good job of it. Yap seems to be spending a fair amount of time actually in the crowd tonight, though the vocals sound as if they're just getting a little frayed. Then, half way through the set, things go wrong when the drum peddle breaks. There's a few minutes delay. Yap offers to strip. Thankfully this one ain't taken up. Mark Morrisson gets the treatment again, before, on trying to decide what to say, Yap let's go at most things. The music industry I ain't going to lick anyone's arse. It's taken me 11 years in England to get a record deal, and I ain't about to lick someone's arse now. Journalists, they can fuck off. Cheers mate! Bill Hicks. Anyone heard of him. There's two kinds of people in this world, those that like Bill Hicks and idiots. If you've not heard of him, you're not an idiot. Yet. If you hit someone, you're a wanker, if you hit a women you're a wanker. Get yourself off the planet. Let me tell you, hit, and you're a wanker Basically, if you wanna know everything, read the interview when it appears in YAZ, cos it catches the man in full flow. We're also treated to snippets of Number of the Beast (of course) and Enter Sandman.

Towards the end, they seem to have a stage diving competition, during which Dani decides that one attempt was way too feeble, and tells the guy to get back and do it properly, or don't do it at all. The drum problems mean that they have to finish with A More Violent Approach rather than Remain Calm, but, for those having their first OMS experience, it's still a revelation. I think.

The last time Far played Manchester, it seems it was the gig they enjoyed the most. And so they would appear to be looking forward to the return. It looks as if it could turn a little bit during the opener, Mother Mary, as a few more stage divers than John would like are appearing. But fortunately, people seem to pick up on his unease, and it's kinda regulated for the rest of the set. Those that do get up, stick more to Jonah and Shaun's side of the stage.

I don't know if it was because of the return to Manchester, or whether they just felt like mixing things around, but tonights set list was totally different to the other gigs. This time round we get What I Wanted To Say and Waiting For Sunday - thankyou for listening. Punchdrunk is gone. There's emotion running from the stage. The balance between the more in your face like material, and the more laid back stuff is better. Although it will confuse the hell out of those just wanting visible energy.

Mike joins the band once more for Bury championship White. Jonah explains. There's this one chord, which Mike loves, called the championship chord, and everytime he hits it, everyone punches the air. Join in with us. When it's all over Jonah asks if they can take everyone down to London with them. I think they like Manchester. I think Manchester likes them. Well, they had to have some saving grave after giving us Oasis and Man. Utd!

And so, after a short delay, Incubus take to the stage. DJ Kilmore does his usual mini-slot, before the band come on and launch into A Certain Shade of Green. People rush past into the pit, as do a few rucksacks. A future venting of the spleen in YAZ has now been assured.

Everything is pretty much as it has been the last couple of nights. Same songs, but they are such good songs, played so well, that everything just flies by. A band that can make you relax and put a smile back on the face. The contrast between the approach of Brandon and YAP from OMS is huge. But this tour has been about contrasts between each of the bands. Jonah joins them again for Calgone. Brandon dedicates one song to the building in which the gig is taking place. I'd just like to say I've got lost in this building about 6 times today. Anyone else get lost. I was begining to feel a bit stupid. Well, no, myself and the other people who were wandering around aimlessly at the same time when entering the building also got lost. Spinal Tap anyone?

The band will be playing at The Reading Festival in August. Go and check them out, because they're a damn fine band.