Incubus / Far / One Minute Silence

Wolves Varsity

10 May 1998

Well well, the whoever booked this UK tour got it wrong again. The varsity. Nice little venue, but this gig should, and should always have taken place at the Wulfrun. Sold out. People turned away. Tiny and sweaty. Have to say thanks to Jonah for even getting me into this one.

A lack of space means that OMS can't quite rip things onstage like they normally do, but that doesn't stop the crowd instead. When we can headline, we're going to have a ramp onto the stage informs Yap. Oh yeah, and Mark Morrison gets it in the neck again. Though Yap thinks he's getting it somewhere else at the moment. The pit was a little more violent than is necessary. You can still do things without having to lead with the elbows. It may be macho, and Yap may like to goad people into smashing their faces on the wall, but as he will be the first to agree, violence isn't clever.

Far take to the stage, and once more lead in with Mother Mary. Things are much calmer in the crowd. Indicative of the difference in the music. As Jonah puts it, Far is about moods. Different moods, emotion, passion. But in a different direction. Boring Life makes an appearance tonight, and Punchdrunk is dedicated to The Tempest Crew, who have helped us. Which pleased someone a lot. Jonah also says what everyone in the UK already knows. The prices of CDs over here are WAY TOO HIGH. Lower them someone. There is no justifiable reason why any shop has to charge 15 quid for Water&Solutions, when the band can sell it for 10. You telling me that the shop HAS to make such a proift. No, I don't think so. Mike from Incubus joins the band for the closing Bury White, punching the air at every oppportunity.

Incubus barely take to the stage. In fact, DJ Kilmore, may have been slightly offstage, it's so small. Brandon seems in a good mood again, chatting away happily. When someone asks where the bracelet she gave him is, he replies it broke. She gave me a magic bracelet, and I was trying for too much magic and it broke. So she gives him another one. Another women barely able to keep the drool from hitting the floor! Same set as last night, but the general concensous from people seems to be that it was a better gig all round. Yeah, partly because it was such a small venue. But, you have to temper that with all the people who couldn't get in, and when you're feeling a bit guilty that you did manage to get in, through unfair means maybe, it takes the gloss away a bit.