Incubus / One Minute Silence

Nottingham Rock City

Jan 30 1998

Nice one to whoever made the decision to put this gig on in the smaller Disco 2 section downstairs. The queue outside before the gig (the first time I've seen a queue at this place for a gig in that part of the venue) is testament to Incubus needing, and deserving the larger stage. But as such, it means that by the time I get in One Minute Silence are already into their stride, and you can see virtually nothing.

But what a stride it is. If anything, they were even better tonight than in Bradford the other night. Still I don't really know the names of the songs, but they are such a powerful band. Intense, but not afraid to have fun and a laugh. Well any bass player claiming to be a sex god or something like that, must be having a laugh. Not so sure about the choice of backup vocalist. A member of the crowd possibly just as tone deaf as myself. But still, it's all entertaining. Intense, with what sound like good songs. I only hope that next time I see them, and write a bit of crap like this, that I'll know more on how to describe it all. Still, as ever the ideal situation is that you go and see them for yourselves.

Well, due to there being a few too many people in the venue, I can't see whether Brandon starts the Incubus set with the er, didjeridu (it's a closer spelling this time!) or not. But Redefine does start things off. It's pretty much the same as Bradford the other night, with the omission of Calgone. The band are in fine form again, with Brandon being so relaxed and friendly in his approach.

To my mind, it doesn't quite reach the intensity of the Bradford gig, but I think that's mainly due to this particular part of Rock City being, to be honest, a bit of a shitehole for gigs in comparison with Rio's. Still, it was a triumph for the band, and the next time they play, it will be the larger hall upstairs. And who knows, maybe the people who make the decisions will actually try and get things right next time. Nah, never gonna happen is it?