Violation / Lysis

Nottingham Rock City

November 21 1998.

Ok, let's get this sorted out straight away. Live, Lysis blew their demo away. The demo's good, but some elements of the production could be better in my view. They were sorted tonight. Well, until they blew the PA that is just before a new track which was sung in Arabic and dedicated to Zaq's new newphew, who was born a few days ago, and whose medical scan is the cover to the demo. But by then they've already played P.M.O.G. and Silence from the demo. And they sound great. It's one of those situations where it works better live. At the moment. And this is only their second gig. Scary. Zaq commands the stage, giving it everything. You just have to imagine how it'll develop when hopefully they get a crowd that are totally there for the band. Should be good to see. The PA recovers in time for Dark Mind Rise, possibly the highlight of the demo. Lysis deal in songs which are never less than heavy. Sometimes long and drawn out, there's something going on all the time. The demo has potential, live they really start to fulfill it.

Violation have headed up from Northampton it seems, and come out like a good old thrash band, complete with guitarists wielding really badly shaped guitars (sorry, never did like those shape axes). Musically it's kind of like a cross between thrash with more modern metal vocals layered on top. Pretty good, but I think the vocalist was a bit optimistic in his assessment that people would know some of the tracks. Or maybe I'm wrong. Kinda Machine Heady, earlyish Seps without the tribal thing style. Not bad. But Lysis had done the business and so I guess they were onto a little bit of a hiding. From me anyway.

Start of the silly season next week. Rollins on Wednesday, System of a Down Thursday and Friday, Sepultura Saturday. And it just keeps on being silly like that until Xmas. Time to give the car some words of encouragement methinks. And possibly some oil and water.