Madball / Stampin' Ground

Birmingham Foundry

June 29 1998

Well, due to my misguided belief that the doors would open at about 8.30, I got here at about 8.40 to see the first band finish their last song. But apparently they are good. Bugger. Still, I made the trip from Nottingham to Birmingham in about 45 minutes, so I'm impressed with that anyway.

And Stampin' Ground were next. With Barney from Napalm Death stood next to me taking notes. Wooo. Surrounded by stars. Anyway, second time I've seen them, and first time with new vocalist Adam. Didn't leave as favourable an impression as the other time I saw them. The music is metal/hardcore. With definite flavours of Slayer in there to my mind. A few new tracks, of which I've managed to forget all the names are played. Maybe I should do like Barney and take notes instead of relying on my ever diminishing memory.

It's all very hard and heavy. Very shouted. There's just that need for an extra dimension, some small subtlety. It's what Medulla Nocte currently have as far as I'm concerned.

Still, there was an attempt at an interview shortly after the end of the gig. So watch out soon. Though I make no promises as to it being good.

And Madball. Not heard a single thing by them. I know, I know. See, that's where I'm probably not a true hardcore fan. I listen to quite a bit, but not everything. Ah well, shoot me. So anyway, I don't know the song titles.

Seemed fairly standard NYHC to me. Good, tight, and people were into it. It didn't blow me away, but it didn't piss me off. Not as good as H2O the other month though.

A fairly even divide it seemed between old school shit, and new shit, though he was probably best not advised to ask to much about how many people have the new shit etc. Silences are not good at times like that..

People jumping around. Unity, and dedicating songs to their friends in the slammer back home (Lockdown). It's probably not the hardcore gig to make people understand the appeal of the genre. But if you already like it, then you're half way there already.