Nottingham Rock City

June 27 1998

Ok, a few things to remember here. I was horribly drunk. So that excuses any mistakes I make. Well it does.

Also, this was more the dance oriented Moby. I'm only familiar with the rock oriented Moby, so don't know many of the songs. But inspite of that, and the fact that some people were wallowing in mud at Glastonbury this evening, this was a bloody good gig. Even the dance stuff is entertaining, and Moby is a class act. It's great as well that when he opens the mouth to sing, pure punk comes out. He's not a singer, and that makes it so good sometimes.

And there's the humour, and the knowledge that the rock background is still there for him. He still straps on the guitar and rips through the 1 minute version of Paranoid. The James Bond theme sounds much better than the CD version, and there's plenty of hitting of those tribal drum like thingies.

We played Glastonbury yesterday, and the problem with festivals is that they don't like you playing covers. Upon which they proceed to rip through snippets of Metallica, Jimi Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd and more. More guitar, someone shouts. You just heard 45 guitar songs.

Some more dance stuff, and he's gone. A few encores, including a one guitar version of Come on Baby. The other guitar bit goes like this he demonstrates. Wish they'd had that second guitarist. It's all a bit hazy for me, but it was a bloody good gig. My head didn't feel so good the next morning though.