Birmingham Foundry

August 13 1998

Right, well I headed back down to Birmingham again, this time to check out Noisegate, who had been recommended by a few people. They weren't headlining, but should've been.

First though, if the posters on the wall were correct, was a band called S8N. Sorry, but it's a shite name. They weren't bad, but it felt that they didn't know what they wanted to be and who was in charge. Started off with one bloke sining, standard growled rap style, he then played guitar, and on of the guitarist started singing, It just became disjointed. Some ok riffs in there, but no songs at the moment to write home about, though SODs Ballad of Jimi Hendrix is always a laugh. But you don't end with a cover of a song that is being covered by Metallica. SO What may be a good or great song. But choose something that isn't being done by someone else.

Adrenalin Kick were the headliners and we'll deal with them now. A throwback to 10 years ago. I don't know how to review them. It was like being in a timewarp. I don't know, just didn't do it for me. There was a song called Psycho (something), which if White Zombie had done, people would love, but a typical metal band, and it's frowned on. And that was me frowning. See, how do you review it. I became bored half way through the set. They felt like they wanted to be on a bigger stage, thankyous before the song ended and before anyone applauds. There's a thought with me that as a band you have to play to the reality of what is happening, and not what you'd like to happen. And asking if people wanted to join the fan club is just dumb. Sorry, but, as I think they're a local band, probably most of the people there were friends or had seen them before. It smacked of desperation. I was kinda thinking back to how Mind Funk used to be. I dunno, you have to respect them for doing what they want, but for me, well, it wasn't where I was at.

And so, sandwiched between those two was Noisegate. Let's just start by saying that if you're a fan of Machine Head and Pantera, was disappointed by the dearth of actual songs on both bands latest albums, then go to the end of this review, take not of the address, write to them and send 3 pounds for the demo. Yep, they were that good. Very heavy, very professional, and Nick has a convincing voice for this sort of thing. As it was the first time I'd seen them, I can't pass on all the titles. They played most of the demo, maybe all, I've not had time to listen to it properly, and some new stuff. It's crunchy, powerful, and there seems to be some songs in there. Britain does have the answer to these bands. Medualla Nocte are up there with the best of them, and now you can add the name Noisegate. And in Earthtone 9, who you'll be hearing about shortly, there's yet another.

Right, the contact address that you need, is Noisegate, 7 Marshall House, St Quentin Street, Pleck, Walsall, WS2 9JB. Or visit the website, cos you can hear all the demo there. Do it now!