Derby Loft

May 19 1998

This gig was re-arranged following JS brush with death. Or a chest infection, whatever it was that had unfortunately hopsitalised the man and caused the cancellation of a number of gigs. And man is this place tricky to find. Tucked away in the centre of Derby, one-way systems, more traffic cones than a traffic cone factory, and the worst pint of Boddingtons I think I've ever tasted. Which doesn't relate to the gig, but did mean I missed the opening whatever, and got there a few minutes before the shifter, er, shifted onstage.

The set list is pretty standard by now, even if JS ballses (is that a word, and how it's spelt, no matter) it up a few times. Not the best shifter gig I've seen, but they're a band that feeds off the crowd, and the crowd wasn't as up for it as I've seen in the past.

Highlight was when JS read out a review of the Genius single plucked from somewhere, which called them the new Therapy?, that he has the same beard as Andy Cairns (he doesn't), that the song is something to do with death (which it ain't), and some gubbinbs about death/techno/metal/shootover/crossover something. Finishing up with the immortal line that this song soon becomes completely unlistenable. than' you ver muchbows JS, taking off the Cairns Elvis impression.

Also, asking which should be the next single, Microwaved or WYSIWYG was a mistake. Everyone knows, including I think the band, that Please Sir should be. Single of the Year would then be a non-event. It's the greatest Pitchshifter song, and conceivably could blow the charts apart for them. Well, at least for one week before it slips into obscurity on the back of no actual support or coverage from the media. See them at the Ozzfest, Reading and Phoenix. And watch as most of the other bands try clinging onto tent poles as they are being blown away by the shifter.