Pitchshifter / One Minute Silence / Cyclefly

Nottingham Rock City

September 19 1998

Weyhey, finally the Shifter make it to headlining upstairs at Rock City. And, and it was a damn big crowd. But more on all that later.

First Cyclefly, who last time I saw them, supporting Iron Monkey, didn't really do much for me. Partly cos I was in a pissed off mood. But tonight I wasn't, and well, they still didn't touch the buttons marked "lift off" for me. It feels contrived. You've got the rock icon frontman. All dreads, moves, the right clothes, but it doesn't feel natural. And it's backed up by a bunch of people who are the antithesis of this writhing rock star. Dressed in black, hiding on the stage. There are the references to drugs, there's a few lines that sound like they're nicked from REM, and there's just nothing igniting for me. Contrived.

Yet One Minute Silence go the opposite way. Bounding on to the stage after a brief visit to the States, it's business as normal for them. The set hasn't changed any since last time, so we start off with Between a Rock and A White Face, and proceed to get South Central, newbie Spoonful of Sugar, and assorted highlights from the album. We've just come back from the States, and they kind dance over there, not Mosh. I want you lot to mosh and kill each other. Yep, YAP is back. This time Mark Morrison escapes, he now has it in for Will Smith. And Rock City. We may never be allowed to play here again, but I'm going to say this anyway. Some people forget that it's you who pay the money, to see the bands and keep these places going, and this stage is your stage. We were told that no-one is allowed on stage. Fuck that, if you want to come up, then come up. Only a few manage it, with over zealous security giving them an evil eye. I don't understand it. Stage diving is an inherent part of the OMS show, and, in a way more importantly, the Pitchshifter show. So why was it banned tonight. If you don't want to do it, then fine. Some people don't like it, cos it "spoils the show". Fine, but, if the band decree that they don't mind if occuring, then what's the problem. You don't want to be involved, well, do like me and just hang back a little. You can still be close without getting killed. They few that do make it on are treated to a hug from YAP. Please Remain Calm ends things. They should be allowed back, but who knows. Maybe Rock City really should starting sorting out their act, instead of trying to act all high and mighty and tread over everyone and everything in Nottingham. They sometimes leave a bad taste in the mouth.

And Pitchshifter return after a few months slumming it in the States. And nothing much has changed here, apart from a definite lack of divers tonight. I think JS Clayden is the only one that manages to do so. Wonder if he'll get told off by Rock City. New single Microwaved opens it, and then it's an hour long trip through the latest album and a couple of old tracks. Virus, Triad, I Don't Like it, WYSIWYG (big cheer), Genius, Second Hand, Subject to Status. It's a faultless set, cos the album is so amazing. And I'm getting more and more drunk, so you'll have to excuse me. The final track, as ever, is Please Sir. This should've been the single. It's the best single of the year. The best Pitcshifter song. Could've opened the charts for them. Should do. Deserves to. And I reckon they know it. A fine gig, but something was missing. And that, it would appear, was dictated to the bands by the people in power. Wankers.

Ooo, reckon I'll get beaten up or banned from there for daring to criticise?