PitchShifter/ Bullyrag

Wolves Varsity

Feb 11 1998

Well, there was a first band on, but by the time I returned from the bar, they were destroying the Bangles Walk Like an Egyptian for which I don't think they can be forgiven, and trashing the drumkit like all angry young people should do.

Bullyrag, again! Well, I remember some more this time. Frustration is the song that opens proceedings, and the new single, Learn To Live actually turns out to be one of my favourites from the times I've seen them. I just didn't manage to connect the name with the tune before. I also remember that it was like a bloody sauna in the shoebox that is upstairs at the Varsity, and thinking that there was very little in the way of a reaction for the band. But at the end of the final song, you know it by now, and after a little prompting by Robbie, a mini stage invasion did occur and it seemed like the band had pulled out a small victory.

They should be playing bigger places than this, but it's going to have to wait for the album, and then hope that people are able to get their heads around the mindset that is Bullyrag.

Pitchshifter should also be playing bigger venues. If only for the safety of their fans. If someone isn't going to injure themselves stagediving into one of the low ceiling lights, then they're going to drown in their own sweat that gets generated in this particular hell hole. See what I have to put up with says JS as he turns a couple of the lamps away from him and onto the crowd instead.

They should also be playing bigger venues with more hecklers, cos the way they get put down is a fucking delight. Where's the aggression? shouts one. Are we at the same fucking gig. Where's the aggression. This is supposed to be a carthasis. That's CAR-THA-SIS. Getting the shit that continually surrounds you evrey day out into the open without violence and enjoying yourself. It's all about fun. And despite the intensity and seriousness of the songs, it is fun.

Pretty much the same set as the other night in Nottingham, this time round you start realising how truly great songs like Microwaved, WYSIWYG, Please Sir, Subject to Status and all the other new ones really are. It's an hour long set, and it flies by. How many other bands can say that these days, especially when over 3/4 of the set is new as yet unreleased material. Despite the calls for aggression, the stuff does go down well. It's either a calculated gamble, a big fuck you or the band are supremely confident in the quality of the new material. And I know which option I think it is. Even better than the Nottingham gig. Go to the web site, check out more about them, then get the new album as soon as it's out.