Nottingham Rock City

June 9 1998

Get a few things sorted out before we start. My body was, and still is, well pissed off with me having moved house the day before. And helping someone else to move. I just want to sleep and stop aching. I wasn't sure if I was even going to bother making it to this gig, and that's saying something for me.

But make it I did, albeit half way through the second band of the evening's set. Gold Blade. Heard the name before but not the music, and in all honesty, it didn't inspire anything for me. But that just might of been because of the way I was feeling.

Rancid. Ok, like NOFX the other week, let's get it clear. I only own the "...and out come" album. It didn't overly impress me, personally I think at the moment that the Suicide Machines are much better. But, last time I saw Rancid was pretty fun, so I thought I'd give it another shot. But well, body fatigue combined with not an in-depth knowledge of the band makes for lousy review.

And probably a shit load of mistakes.

They opened up with Roots Radical, and ended with Ruby Soho, somw of the better songs of the Wolves album. Inbetween they did some other stuff. Shocking really. Kept thinking that

  • a) thank fuck it's not as crowded as NOFX.
  • b) thank double the fuck that Mr Pissed Off man from NOFX wasn't around
  • c) Tim Armstrong is more a visual foil to Friedrikson (or however it's spelt) than anything else. However, that got thrown away later on.

    The new stuff sounded pretty good actually, lots of what to me is the authentic reggae sound. Nice, quite soothing actually. Dedicating songs to everyone, nice touch with the new song Hooligan, which was prefaced with a little talk. So the world cup's starting tomorrow. Who you supporting? Rarrrr roooorrr rrrrrarrr comes back the reply. I think we'll be supporting England after tonight. Should've gone for Jasmaica like I am. Or Tunisia! This next song is appropriate for football, it's called Hooligan . Nice touch.

    Anyway, they did mention the names of the other new songs, but it must be all of 12 hours since the gig ended, and therefore I've forgotten them!

    What else, a sizeable bunch of stuff from the Wolves and Let's Go albums. Old Friend, 999, oh and a bunch more. I wish I could remember things. A song off the first single, which they claimed to have not played in 6 years, and was fucked up within about the first 5 seconds. Idle hands I think it was called. Track of the Hellcat compilation. Lots of very cheesy talk. Really buttering up. In a way the biggest disappointment. It sounded like stuff that will be said every night. No real reaction to what was happening. No reaction to the blow up dolls that were crowd surfing for most of the night, though Armstrong did have a grin on his face the first time he was confronted with open plastic legs in front of his face. And why do Americans place so much emphasis on the Ham in NottingHAM. It's not like the place is a sandwich.

    Um, encore. Three songs. Only remember Animosity. Crap review, but me body still aches!