Rachel Stamp

Nottingham Rock City

November 28 1998

Yeah, same night as the Seps, this started downstairs minutes after the main event upstairs. Reviewing it seperately cos musically it's so different. And to be honest, I've never heard them before, but it did nothing for me. Maybe after the last 4 days it's an unfair way to initially view a band, but it was just a 3 piece trying to do the glam sleaze thing, which has never been my thing anyway, and this time without any songs that registered with me. Maybe I'm just tired. Well, I am actually. I think I should leave it at that, and I'm going to do exactly that. The Yo-Yos might, or might not have been on after them. I'd like to see them, but I'm tired. It's time to leave. Walk that bloody hill, and I'm going to get some sleep.

10 bands, 4 nights. Just like to say thanks to me car for the last couple of days. 600 odd miles, and it didn't have a single disagreement with me. Ah bless it.