Soulfly/ Limp Bizkit / Cold

Wolves Civic

May 21

OK, first up, the mood hadn't lightened much. I'll try and do an objective review, but don't bet on anything.

I missed Cold. Well, I didn't miss them, I just wasn't there to see them. Oh.

Limp Bizkit. Ok, I'm going to try and be objective here. People went nuts for them, and I think it's fair to say that when they return in October with Korn (as Durst announced at the end of the set), it should be the last time they need to play as a support over here in the normal venues.

And, if you're into this sort of thing, Rap, funk, etc. Call it what you will, then they are good at it. But, but, sometimes you see, music is about subjective. About making a connection. About irrational. This set just left me more infuriated with them than last night. I have about half a dozen rants in my head. Though to be fair, I could aim most of the rants at more than a few bands. Maybe another time, future YAZ's maybe. And it's irrational. I like this type of music in general, but LB I can't handle at the moment. And before people bag on me. Remember. To some it's all metal. And to those that think metal is Bon Jovi, that means you should like him as well. Just because you like a general style, doesn't mean you have too, or can, like every instance of that style. But for LB, a victory. No question. Oh, yeah, and full marks to Durst for the speaker dive. Didn't think he'd do it, few that have climbed there have. And inspite of all my reservations, I was glad that people caught him. Would've made a real mess otherwise!

And Soulfly. The Civic is nowhere near full either. I'm kinda surprised in a way, yet not. Unfortunately, Max has been victim to the dreaded disease. HYPE. But maybe he's happier this way. Pretty much as it was last night, except there's the huge outline of Max as a backdrop, taken from the Bleed single. I know it's being picky of me, but it's like he's adopting the pose of Jesus on the cross. More signs of people trying to make him a deity?

Anyway, they rip through things. It's a bit calmer here tonight, but that's more often than not down to the Civic/Wulfrun house policy. (LB weren't able to get people onstage for Faith). Highlight though, was that tonight theyplayed Bumba, and Max left the guitar behind and became a lone frontman. Made you realise as well where most of the guitar tone is coming from. The sound suddenly became very empty when it was just Logan on guitar. Not the most natural of frontmen, though he's not had the practice, but it was just that something different again. That's what was missing from LB, or one of the things. They were so rehearsed. The spontaneous bits are rehearsed. Man, I REALLY REALLY hate that in a band. Work a crowd the same each night. Fine. But don't try and kid that it's spontaneous. That's just as bad as the stars of the 80s that everyone so hates now. Sorry, digressing again.

Of course the appearance of Benji is once more the real highlight. Prejudice is the best song on the album, and it's the highlight of the set, though I guess Max tends to like his No motherfucking Hootie and the Blowfish finale that ends the set.

Of course it's a victory to Max, just that it's more like 3-2 than 4-0. But there again, 4-0 is probably what it'll end up if Brazil play England in the World Cup. To the Brazilians of course!