Strapping Young Lad / Medulla Nocte

Derby Vic

June 7 1998

There was another band, Grudge 13. But I missed them. Moving house tomorrow. Still packing. Stress.

Medulla. I arrive as the soundcheck, which conists of some shouting into the mikes, and then . One of the hardest hitting bands you'll see this year. They just rip it all apart. Pure bursts of speed and heaviness, but with enough extra suss in there to hold it all together and set them apart.

The CD is released June 22, though they're on sale at the gigs. Picked one up. It's a blast. All Our Friends are Dead, Hooked on Masturbation, Problem to the Solution. It just rips. A few people getting into it. Many more will by the years end. Speaking to them afterwards, they're having a blast doing the tour. Logical Nonsense dates follow. Apparently it's Brighton London and Bradford. Bradford is June 17. Don't know the other dates. Ouch.

Do we have to go through this. Look, come down the front, it's so much nicer. I know it's a shithole, but we've come from Canada, so it would be really nice to see you all and make it more fun. How much was it to get in, five pounds?. Six replies someeone. Still, that's half a decent meal. Strapping Young Lad / Ocean Machine have arrived, and in spite of an appallingly small turnout (how many last night for Stuck Mojo in Nottingham? 40 tonight!), they seem happy to be here. And it's heavy Heavy as a Really Heavy thing. Oh My Fucking God what's happening here.

What's happening is that Devin is one of the most talented and accomplished performers there is, switching vocal styles effortlessly, he has the old school singing and the new metal growl. Usually in the same songs. He also has a sense of playful mockingof metal. Yet it's all metal, and I don't think they'd deny it.

Sound problems plague the set, Devin hits the mike flying by mistake in the first song. There is no roadcrew to pick it up for him. Has to do it himself, with a huge grin on the face. The kickdrum breaks . Under The Water, stuff I've now forgotten. No Room 429, shame. Detox ends it, we made a video for this song. It was shit. It's over too soon. Can't blame them. They deserve more than this. Small venue, small turnout. Nice to see the support runs DEEP in this country.