3 Colours Red / Cay

Nottingham Rock City

February 27 1999

It's funny the things that go through the mind sometimes watching a gig. Cos going through my mind was, "hmm, nice drumming and patterns on the high hat." Yeah, I know, way too analytical and all that sort of shit. But there's actually a sense of irony to that statement, and it's one that might reveal itself when the interview with Cay that took place before the gig is typed up for a future Yaz. "Ooooh you little devil Dave. A teaser." I know. I should write murder mystery novels.

Cay have had quite a bit written about them. Very favourably. It's taking me a little longer to be convinced. Tonight is the first time I've seen them live, and it's getting there. There's an element of indulgence, and a feeling that you have to be in the clique to an extent to appreciate, and to be honest, most weren't there tonight. Polite was the response. But tracks such as Better Than Myself and Princes and Princesses do touch the right points, and some of the slower material that I guess will be on the album shows promise. I remain to be utterly convinced, but I do think they'll be back headlining these venues in under a year. Whether it'll be to the same audience remains to be seen.

Isn't it wonderful the richness of thought and ideas that alcohol affords you? Yeah, it is. Apart from the fact that you forget half of the "really creative" shit minutes later. There is a point to that statement, but I've forgotten what it was. Maybe!!!

3 Colours Red. Took a while to convince me. And tonight? Well tonight they did, and then they didn't. Or they threw up some new conflicts. The set is tilted heavily towards the new album, which is logical. To open, they walk on stage to a moodily lit thing. Red. With 4 curtain like things and a central circle that has replaced the, it has to be said, utterly shite 3CR Kiss style logo they had last time round. Pete has the ciggy in mouth, takes a couple of drags, and basks in the glory. Like he's been waiting for this response. And then they launch into Song On The Radio. And the crowd that wasn't here the first time they played Rock City, supporting Anthrax a couple of years back, goes suitably ape combined with shit.

"Are you all happy?" asks the bloke with the tricky to spell surname. "Hands up all those who are paranoid" All the arms go up. "This is Paranoid People". Cool. All the people that are paranoid in Nottingham are happy paranoids. Hmmm. Cancel The Exhibition is there, and Pirouette is one of the best songs on the album. Interspersed with this we have 60 Mile Smile. Now, am I the only person that the first time I heard that song introduced, amid all the distortion and lack of clarity in the sound at a gig, thought that it was Sixty Nine Smile, and when he found out the real title thought that it just threw a completely different, and not half as interesting, slant on the song. Ok, so it was just me.

You also get Nerve Gas, Nuclear Holiday, This is my Hollywood, Hate Slick and a bunch more. Pete resorts to his "I want to see everyone moving" and "I want you to do one simple thing for me" speeches. Ah yeah. What was that I said that they won me over yet it brought up new things. Well, one of the reasons I guess I didn't give them an initial chance was partly the Wildhearts link. And yes, it is still there, despite protestations. The other reason I guess was the sheer confidence of the band. I guess a large amount of confidence scares or alienates me, cos I don't have it myself. And those simple statements from the stage tonight re-enforced that. 3CR are slick. Professional. Ready for the next stage. And its enough to just distance them from me.

This Is My Time is the next single apparently, and it's another of those mellower, more introspective moments. It may well be a hit, but I'm not convinced it should be the single. But it re-enforces that confidence thing.

After an hour, we are thankyou'd and goodnighted in the way that I'm pretty sure every gig is on the tour. They come back for Paralyse, Pure and I forget the last one. No Anarchy In The Uk. Thank God. They got that right. And it's over.