Chasm / Pinshot / Proxmia Centurai

Derby Vic

August 6 1999

It's for nights like this that I like the Vic. Seemingly not concerned about mere profit margins, it actually gives a chance to young bands, upcoming bands, local bands. More places should and need to do it, along of course with people coming out to support it, but the Vic does it and respect to them for that, and long may it continue.

A name like Proxima Centurai doesn't inspire confidence. It sounds altogether too clever by far, and may put as many people off as it intrigues. Muscially, well apart from the amp giving up and one of the guitarists therefore being discarded 2 songs from the end (can't you just imagine how they'd do that in Spinal Tap? Or did they? I forget). Anyway, in spite of that, the music is ok at times, ok enough to warrant further interest, although not enough really sticks. Intriguing at this stage.

Pinshot though, well, let's say that when they are themselves, they're ok, when they slip into the generic new metal kind of thing, especially vocally, they're just slap bang right in the middle of that very big pack of bands all competing for the same territory. It'll appeal to their friends, but who else? Which is a shame, cos the vocalist, despite the Coal Chamberisms in the hair department, isn't half bad, and if they could just throw a little more originality and themselves in there. I mean, yeah, there's angst in everyone, but somehow, with some of the parents around taking pictures, you get the feeling that it's not entirely true.

But I'm back for more Chasm. A band improving with every showing. I mean, let's face it, Derby put out one of the all time classic UK bands in the Beyond and then of course Gorilla. It's still early days yet, but the individuality that made them so great might just be begining to be passed on here. Sure, people will point and say there's a touch of the Deftones here and the Far's there, but the Beyond received comparisons. But there's quality and character showing through. The old material goes down best, such as Cold. Almost There once again causes havoc, with surfing and general mayhem down the front, which it appears is almost actively encouraged by the band. Then there's the definite Far influenced 54, and the showstopping Block to end things, where everyone is encouraged down the front. Even parents. Schucks, who'd have believed it. Though the 'rents don't quite make it. But it's new material such as ZenI'llRememberTheRestOfTheNameNextTime and Simon Said (I think it was called that), which is pointing to the future. Heavy, light, passionate. There's a grasp on things there that isn't always instant, but spend a little bit of time with it and it hooks you. Much like The Beyond did all those years ago.