Bunkers Hill, Nottingham

June 16 1999

Ok, need to sort a few things about before we start. Just so that we understand each other of course. In-Flux are a self confessed "mixture of drum+bass, big beat, hip hop, funk and dub using live drums, live bass, guitars, vocals, samples and synths." Now me, for those that have read any of my reviews before will know, am not that sort of thing. But someone in work plays in the band, and I'm going along with hopefully an open mind about this. I'm not going to pretend to be an authority on this, and if you're too narrow minded to think that I shouldn't review it, well, it's time to disappear back to the caves. And if you do understand and like this music, and think someone from my background shouldn't review it, then you should disappear back to your caves as well.

So yeah, In-Flux. Well, the first thing to say is that I'm disappointed to see that crowd apathy is not merely restricted to the rock scenes. Is it really so hard and too much trouble on your behalf to just stand and watch the band. Hell, those less uptight than myself could dance. But no. There's 4 of us stood and the rest are way too cool and sit in judgement. I thought this music was about dancing and energy. Well, true, the music coming from the stage is. But the crowd. Well. I'm sure they're pleased with themselves.

The first couple of numbers have a laid back jazzy sort of feel to them. At least those are the elements that stick out and appeal for me. The drum'n'bass kind of goes over the top of me, but the jazz works. For Head Trip, Jim takes over on guitar and vocals, with Dan going to the keyboards. It also sounds like a slightly different style of music, one that's more accessible to me. And I'm going to reckon that Jim's played a bit of thrash guitar in his time as well. Though that's not what you get here. What you're getting is a style of music that I can feel should get people dancing. Well, if they're not as uptight as me. But still they sit on their chairs.

And some people are complaining. Teabag has a whinge about not getting an acknowledgment in the last zine for driving me to the Rollins spoken word, and Ivan spends the time pointing his fingers to his head like a gun or picking his nose. Sorry, I said that I had to get that mention in, so I just had to find a suitable place.Better mention Gail and Kev then as well, who were also there. Just so that I don't get accused of not acknowledging people again. Yes Teabag, that means you.

Summer Funk sees Dan return to vocals, where this time the Teabag reckons it works better. Must confess that as it seemed like the hip-hop sort of style, and that's not really my thing, I was still listening more to the music. But there were times I could've sworn that my toes wanted to tap, but despite the drink I managed to surpress that. But hey, if I can feel that, then there must be something there right? And Lost In Flowers sees a remarkable bout of dancing from Jim, despite still playing the guitar. At the end of Elastic Band the reaction from the crowd is for "more, MORE". Who the hell are they to demand anything. There is no more, but really, it wasn't for In-Flux to have to prove themselves anymore. They've already done that.