Kill II This / Milque / Cowpuncher

Sheffield Corporation

June 19 1999

Well, in almost the fortnight since the working Greek holiday, I've only seen 2 gigs. Which isn't much. Not a lot going on, but also a lot of work to do. The thesis has slipped behind, there's more work to do, and I've spent most of today doing work, have to tomorrow, and spent last weekend doing work as well. So I didn't know until I left the house that I was actually going to want to go to this or even really have time to go to this gig. But I needed to. Plus I wanted to see Milque again.

But before that it's Cowpuncher from Leeds. The majority of the first song I hear with my back to them, as it's taking forever to be served my first coke of the night by the slowest barstaff known to well, known to me at that point in time. But with the back turned, I can hear the KornTones on stage. And when I look around, well, the hair fits, there's plenty of baggy shorts and wallet chains dangling in the, er, wind. Right, that's got them pigeonholed then hasn't it. To be fair, they get better than that, and it's pretty powerful stuff. But on this listen, nothing stood out and grabbed you to make you want to take notice. And in such a cluttered musical pool, that's what you need. At the end I eventually blagged a copy of the CD to review. Not sure they're convinced that I do a zine, and I did say that I'd send a copy of #10 in trade. But, they've not put a contact address on the CD. Now how silly is that? Let me tell you. It's very silly.

Time for the latest update on Milque then. Well, last time I saw them a couple of weeks ago, they were working out what to play. They decided to drop Target, Deal With It and Nightmare. "How can you do that?" was something like my incredulous reply, given that I think they're some of the best songs written last year. "Well, they're boring to play, and the new stuff's better" is something like the reply. And you know what, tonight it made sense. I didn't miss those songs, and that's something I didn't expect to say. The new material I've now heard 4 or 5 times in some instances, and it's really begining to hit. And hit hard. I still had parts of Old Man and Long Time singing in my head as I drove home. And they've been joined by tracks such as Violence and Can Not, all of which feature riffs that you just know are right. You know what I mean. When you hear something and you just know. That's what's happening here. Dynamo and Shifter remain from the album, and even they're begining to be eclipsed. Put it like this, certain American bands who are about to be creamed over in the press when their new albums are released are going to have to come up with something pretty special to top this lot.

I don't like to single anyone out, because this is definitely the feeling of a band effort, but Zoe's vocals do take things to that extra level. And it seems the confidence is begining to grow, and they improve each time I see them. Of course the major problem they have is that they're playing Sheffield. Ah yeah, Sheffield. Home of cooler than thou people. It says something when I'm probably closest to the stage, just off the dance floor. Feeling conspicuous. Hoping that I am bloking the view of a few people that are sat down. What is this thing that people have against standing to see a band at gigs. I mean, come on. I've been accused of being a journalist (by Kill II This no less), which means I'm currently supposed to be at the bar paying no attention to the band as I prepare my destructive review based on the fact that they're from the UK and not the USA. So the band are doing their job. How about you doing yours so that I can do mine. I mean really, the apathy is astounding. "I think we've been spoilt, because we get great responses in Bradford" reckoned Zoe later. No, you've not been spoilt in Bradford, only been treated to what you deserve. It's more a case of having to endure the coolness that is the UK embracing it's own. And in Sheffield, they're in good company. Ask the mighty Medulla. It's not just me that thinks it. According to Mr Org in the latest Organ, "Milque ooooozzzz potential" and are "very much one to keep an eye on". How much potential? Well, you've heard of the overflowing milk lakes haven't you. Oh come on. I had to do it. Present me with an opportunity like that and I'm bound to take. I have no shame in stooping to levels of humour like that.

After that, Kill II This are going to have a hard time following. Sure, they do entice all of 20 or 30 people down to the front. "Who saw us the other week with Soulfly" asks Matt. A few reply. See, Sheffield just doesn't translate into a good gig place. Fair play to the band, they're entirely professional as they plough through the likes of Crucified, Faith Rape, The Flood, Cross To Bear and all those. There's a new track which is precluded with the sample of "this is the sound of Northern England 1999". But a few people have asked me what I think of KIIT. And I always reply, "they're ok, but there's just something missing I can't put my finger on". And I still can't. It's good, but it's missing that something to make it great. And tonight, in my opinion, they were totally eclipsed by Milque. Oh yeah, and one more thing. Don't do the encore. For upcoming bands reading this. Don't do it. It just looks stupid when you walk off, come back ask if you want to hear one more, and receive almost no response, and then do the song anyway. Heads down, full set, see you at the end, don't fuck around. It's the way to go.

And my way to go is back down the M1 ready to do some more thesis tomorrow. And it was a special day today as well wasn't it. No, I don't mean them. I mean that the lovely Bekki got married today. Hope it all went well.