Shallow / Milque / IG88

Wolves Outta Limit

April 9 1999

Well, after eventually finding the place, with somewhat minimal help from Daniels map, the first band were already on and doing their thing. Which wasn't really a very good thing, but was youthful, and entertaining their friends. A bit too youthful really, as it made me feel like an OAP. Um yeah, I don't know, it just seemed like a bit of messing about to them really. And besides, any guitarist, no matter how young, that plays one of those headless guitars, is asking for a bad review.

Milque of course, are an entirely different proposition. You don't need me to tell you that. Or do you? I know I keep on about them, but I will until others pick up about them. Anyway, tonight was no different to the other times in that they once more played a tight set of cracking songs from the Bone Dry mini-album and new material such as Old Man, Squealer (I think) and others. And the reaction builds from an initial "so who are they then?" to a sizeable round of applause. There's even some brave attempts at dancing going on down the front. No actually, there was a difference tonight. The new haircuts on the bonces of Colin and Duncan. Very brave. Apparently I ran over Duncans hair outside the gig. Which wasn't quite so brave.

So anyway, besides me saying how good they are, what about others? Well Vickie reckons "really really good" and that "the cd sounds great" and Steve? Well surely the bravery of the dancing performed by Steve is enough proof. Any band that inspires that sort of thing has got to be good.

Shallow finish things off with their groove filled rock. It's kind of a more laid back sort of thing, that doesn't incite the same response from the crowd as the other bands. It takes a little time to get used to, but once you manage to lock into something approaching the same groove as the band, then you just get carried away on the strength of the songs.

The proof of a strong UK scene is right before your eyes. Just depends whether people want to open their eyes or not.