Backyard Babies / Famous Monsters / Fungus

Nottingham Rock City

March 27 1999

Morning. Could you do me a favour and read this review quietly as I'm playing host to a really lousy hangover and a bit of a bruised ego. The hangover I put down to too many Newkie Browns last night, and the bruised ego due to my body deciding to fall over after the gig. And it didn't even consult the rest of me. Bastard.

Fungus really didn't do anything for me. Well, apart from make me visit the bar on a few occassions. So it was all their fault. Insipid and just uninspiring. As it was happening I was remembering nothing about them. Some jangly guitar and that was it really. Maybe it's unfair to judge on a first appearance, but well, I don't know that there'll be a subsequent appearance unless they are once again as a support band.

Famous Monsters were next, which Mr & Mrs T managed to miss. Anyway, for what they do, it's not bad. Entertaining surf music which is Ramones inspired, 1 2 3 4, or 4 3 2 1 or 1 2 3 4 in Italian (sorry, can't spell those). She-zilla, the drummer stands for the entire duration, there's lots of very twee banter as they giggle and joke their way through things, and mugs and matches are thrown as gifts to the crowd. However, it doesn't exactly set the crowd alight, most of whom if they know the band are here because of Devil Doll, aka as Sean ex White Zombie. And there lies the problem. While the association is there, they're going to attract a crowd totally unsuited to what they do. There is absolutely nothing in common, and if it wasn't for the link, you wonder how and why they would've got a support tour.

Backyard Babies I only know one song by, the one on the Strangelands soundtrack. And despite the hype of them being the new G'n'R or Hanoi Rocks or whatever, they were also totally uninspiring. Though the bassist has to be admired, or shot, for keeping that hat on for the duration and some wonderful guitar hero posing. A real disappointment, but maybe that's because they are the sleaze and I'm just the drunk. Glamour was out in force tonight, or should that be pout in force, and I'm not one of those beautiful people. So I don't understand it. Instead I just get drunk and talk utter shite by the end of the night and subsequently fall over. Still trying to figure out how I did that one. I really must remember that I can't handle 8 bottles of Newkie. Especially on an empty stomach. Wuss.

So, the Famous Monsters were the best of a pretty average fair really. I came, I drank, I fell over. I stumbled home and my head really ought to stop thumping if it knows what's good for it. Phew, rock'n'roll. It's a dangerous beast.