Old General, Nottingham

February 20 1999

Right, how to review this? Tricky, cos the main bands Impel and Division of Laura Lee, didn't turn up due apparently, to the ever wonderful customs that serve this country so well. Nice to know I'm not the only one that gets searched.

And besides, I'd had a few drinkies in the afternoon watching Wales crash to yet another disasterous five nations defeat against Ireland. As ever, new year, new dawn, new hope then defeat :(

So given the circumstances, it's not really fair. Qunicy, who are apparently a local band that were due to open tonight, play with a borrowed drumkit and no backline. And the drummer had a broken leg. First couple of songs at least one of the two singers looked totally disinterested. Not surprising really. Still after a while they warmed up. Laid back emo stuff, then a few ska songs. That was it really. Not fair to judge in the circumstances.

As an added, er, treat, some of the members of a band HHH took to the stage with Jez, ex 3rd Stone vocalist to nip through a couple of covers, Gorilla Biscuits and some other stuff. The Quincy returned to do a cover of Ranicd's Time Bomb. Then a couple of them did "something". And then it ended.