Radiator / Cyclefly

Derby Vic

March 1 1999

Well, the world tour of the UK was unexpectedly interrupted last night when in a shock development, an American punk band on the Epitaph label sold out the Vic meaning that I couldn't get in. Fortunately normal service has now been resumed as a couple of UK bands who aren't on Epitaph are playing, and there are a few spaces to be found amongst the 20 or so paying public. Phew, there's a relief.

Me, cynical. You bet.

Anyway, there was a local band on when I got there. Only caught the last couple of songs, so shouldn't make a judgement, but as they murdered the Buzzcocks "Ever Fallen in Love With Someone", the judgement isn't good.

And so, amid darkness, smoke, and lots of space, Cyclefly take to the stage. I've had a problem with this band, still do. Frontman Declan is trying sooo hard to be the star, the wasted fucked up rock star. Which he may or may not be. And then there's the rest of the band acting in a non-descript manner. Maybe that's how it's meant to be but it doesn't help it to gel. Some of the songs sound ok, in that sense that given a bit of time with them, I may grow to think of them as friends, well if not friends at least not mortal enemies.

The abundance of space vacated by last nights hordes means that Mr Rock Star can stretch out, writhe over the monitors and rebelliously kick them over. Hes still wearing the green thing that he always has. Boy I'd hate to go near that thing. Half way through the top comes off, the poses to show that he's not one of us fat people come in to full effect, and after 30 minutes he heads straight for the changing room. Which of course here is open anyway and it's kind of a dramatic departure that people like to do, but in a totally undramatic place. Oh yeah, they' played some music too. Still, afterwards quite a few of the screaming hordes grabbed autographs.

Radiator take to the stage promising that no matter "if there's 20, 100 or 1000 people, we'll still give it everything. So make some noise as best you can. And if anyone leaves half way through, I'll slit their throat." Which is a nivce way to start, and after a couple of songs, a few people make their way down to the front and start to dance in that really pathetic way that only a few people dancing can do. The band play as silhouettes almost, behind the green light, and the music after a few listens is begining to embed itself. I should like them cos the opener has a riff straight from the Joyrider album of a few years back, which was excellent. Amnesia, Black Shine and Resistor sound good. I'm Your God ends things, from the forthcoming album, that they promise "kicks arse". It may, but there's a feeling for me that it could go either way. Underneath the added samples and everything, I don't know how the band is going to get fare. I can see them making it. And also see them remaining a pub band.

But well, if they remain a pub band, as long as they sign to Epitaph and adopt some accents, they'll be fine. Well, until the next thing comes along ...