Diasphere / Mindjuice / Injustice

Nottingham Old Angel

April 28 2000

I was in a good mood. Honest. After having to watch others drink a nice bottle of wine last night due to driving, tonight I was able to indulge myself and so relax and whatever. But well, I've thought about this one a couple of days now. Not going to say all I was thinking during and just after it, cos well it's not entirely to do with the music that was played, lets just say that there's a general sense of narkiness around again. Maybe I'll get it together in a seperate rant soon.

But, I've got to say this. I'm probably going to start using a boring template like review if I get subject to yet another nu-metal by numbers band like Injustice. Sorry, but this is so, so, so, SO boring, old, predictable. Yes, like so many, they're competant. Well apart from the vocalist who forgets they've just played one song as he introduces the next as being the one they've just played. Forgets the name of the next band on when he tells people to stick around, and forgets they've got 2 songs left when he says "this is our last song". I mean, oh I dunno. This is just a waste of time and space. It's boring. Come up with something new.

Mindjuice are the next band. That's M i n d j u i c e. At least they don't do the nu thing. Which is probably why the other vocalist forgot. If it ain't nu, we ain't interested right. Seems to be the way. A bit disappointing considering the number of people that saw Incubus at Rock City the other night. Whatever, in the face of the usual bout of apathy Mindjuice play. The demo that I heard a while back didn't really do it for me, the vocals were the main problem. And live it's the same. But the music is fine. Part traditional chuggy metal, part more cutting edge with nods towards the likes of Will Haven it's certainly better than the reception warranted to them. God, bands must feel so depressed after playing some gigs.

Remember, things I say are general. They're not aimed anywhere in particular. Just observations that I think apply across the board. Well, one thing I am going to say, which will probably piss off the 99.9% of people that don't know me anyway. Destroy chairs at gigs. And quite possibly the people on them. Ah, this is so pathetic. It was the same last time I saw Diasphere here. There's actually a few people here now. And those that aren't lounging in the chairs are sat on the floor. Why fucking bother. Although the band seem to take it in good spirits, hey, I guess they have to, it's probably friends, there are times when they seem, quite rightly, a bit narked. After a few songs, about 4 guys go down the front and indulge in sporradic 30 second blasts of mosh/wresling with each other. The rest just sit on their arses. Dunno why some people bother really. I mean, I don't know how any of the people that are really trying in Nottingham at the moment either by being in bands or putting gigs on (and there's a good few of them), are actually manage to stay afloat or retain the enthusiasm to do it. But that's so general around the country. I've been going round various places for the last 12 years or so seeing gigs, and it seems to happen everywhere. But after a while in one place you just get fed up of it. Which is kind of happening now. Maybe it's time to move on to somewhere new. Yeah, instead of complaining and being negative, I should try and do something and be positive. But I loose enough money doing the zine and the CD I did. I can't afford to loose more putting on gigs or whatever. Despite the way it appears, I'm not that negative a person. I do see the positive, and try to give the benefit of the doubt. But there can be times where it gets drained out of you. Which is letting down those that really are trying.

Anyway, I wasn't going to rant was I. Diasphere. Yeah, they put on a decent gig. There is that nu-metal to them which I am getting more and more tired of, but they've got some decent songs and a bit of variety. Personally I'd like to see them move away from some of the "nu" stage moves, but that's my problem no-one elses. I also think they ought to not bother playing here for a while. I mean, why bother wasting your energy like they were tonight. From what I've been told by the guy that runs Blank Canvas records down in Norwich, they regularly manage to get 300 people on a Friday night to the place that puts on live gigs and whatever. Fat Paulys I think it's called. Now I've never thought of Norwich as being a hotbed of rock activity (sorry Norwich), but it just makes you wonder. It places something like this in context. And not a good one at that. Maybe they should look at going to places like that, a bit further afield. Cos at the moment there just seems to be no reason to play here. Maybe there's too much complacency going on. And yes, I am as guilty as the next. There's a few bands that I've missed at gigs recently for one reason or another. I know that.