Electric Frankenstein / Cellophane Suckers

Nottingham Old Angel

December 16 2000

Ah, wise man once say, "Don't go to Edinburgh without a coat". Otherwise you get a stonker of a cold and end up missing Sick of it All last Saturday.

Cellophane Suckers - pah, what an obvious name. One of those bands that for my money are probably of more interest to me live than they would be on vinyl or CD. There's some if not inspired, at least decent moments, but too much of it kind of flies by in a 3 chord manner without ever lodging itself in your brain. But it's kind of carried by the energy of being live. There's more than a few people on hand to witness it all, and it does seem to go down well enough which is the main thing.

The main band on the other hand are Electric Frankenstein, and irrespective of how good or not they are, the t-shirts are tempting. Though left. Garagey punk'n'roll is the order of the day, in a similar way to the Suckers, they're too hit and miss for me to really be totally enthralled, one song tends to merge into another rather than standing out and giving you a good slap around the chops. But again, the gathered masses don't seem to mind, or perhaps more accurately, know better than I do, and it all goes down well. "Captain Sensible sends his regards" or something similar is uttered, in acknowledgement that the Damned are playing, or it should be said at this time of the night, have already played Rock City, and it appears the vocalist got in free and was plyed with free vodka for most of the evening. Still, he manages to carry on, and both crowd and band seem happy with things. And me, I've almost got rid of that cold. Now if only I'd worn a coat on a freezing night in Nottingham when I've got that hill to climb. Some people just never learn.