Helvis / Dead Inside

Nottingham Old Angel

April 21 2000

Just go #12 back from the printers today. At last. It's such an out of date issue and it's only now being unleased. Tired of it. Tired in general. Can't think of anything to write.

I think it was Dead Inside. Suddenly the name just disappeared out the window. Uh yeah, another new offshoot band from Hard To Swallow - how many of them and Iron Monkey offshoots are there now? Loads. Surprisingly melodic hardcore, not bad, but didn't really grip me enough. Maybe it was the bottle of wine before going out that had an effect.

I think it's three or 4 times I've seen Helvis now and what I think seems to change each time, how the music sounds and all that stuff. Tonight it seemed more obviously hardcore than before. Dirty, fast, to the point. Mind you, even though they were only playing 20 minutes, it kind of dragged a bit for me. But I think I'm just too tired at the moment to think. Don't want to write a review. Tirrrrrred.