Imogen / Skeem

Derby Vic

September 2 2000

I think it's the third or fourth time I've seen Skeem now, and to be honest, much like in general, I've simply got nothing new that I can really say about them. There's nothing wrong with them, they appear very good at what they do, the kind of Limp Bizkit inspired nu metal, hip-hop sort of thing. The vocalist is very capable, able to scream, holler and sing alright. But it does absolutely nothing for me. Fails to move me totally. No inspiration I'm afraid. It's kind of an ideal way to sum up how at the moment I see things in music. A lot of capable bands, but virtually no excitment. It's one reason why the whole YAZ thing has gone kind of quiet. I'm not excited. Sorry.

Imogen pull in a fair few people given that it's their fist gig. Whether it's of relevence or not is for you to decide, but part of the reason is probably because they're actually Chasm with a new vocalist, and obviously a new name. The music's changed a little as well. Tonight, being the first time that I've heard anything by them, and with my inability to remember or really form a valid opinion on songs after just one listen, meant that it sounded heavier than before to me. Which could have something to do with having run out of earplugs and subjecting me pour little lugholes to the full force of a PA in good knows how many years (which I won't be doing again in a hurry. They're way too sensitive nowadays). So yeah, it sounded heavier, but the melody is still there. The new guy has more control in his vocals than Pete used to have, given them a more stable, less unpredictable edge. The songs will need time to work their way in, but first impressions seem favourable, and at least they managed to get a crowd and a crowd reaction.