Janus Stark

Nottingham Old Angel

November 17 2000

Although not what you may call a Janus Stark fan, it has to be said this was somewhat disappointing. Turnout I mean. Nottingham has had some decent turnouts recently for gigs, and I was hoping that it meant things were turning around, but hmmm, appears not. And yep, given this was my first gig in a fortnight, that does make me the hypocrit. But hey, this isn't about me is it.

Support bands didn't turn up, so it was a reduced entrance fee and just Janus Stark and a handful of people, most of whom you get the impression are actually friends of the band that have travelled with them. Still, they do their thing, poppy punk sort of stuff. It's not bad, just nothing that really sticks in the brain like you feel it ought.

They play old and new, but the truth is tonight at least, they're fighting the fight against Nottingham apathy, and that is a hard one to win.