Leadfoot / Armour of God / Khang

Nottingham Old Angel

May 30 2000

Gig mood rating : still not too enthusiastic. Don't know why. Sorry, I know I'm a wanker, so you'll just have to deal with it as well.

There was a fourth band, don't know the name, though Justin, former Iron Monkey drummer was doing the busniess behind the kit. A three piece, who doled out a couple of long, drawn out, slow dirges. Instrumental, feeding off each other. It was like they found some good riffs and decided to repeat them as long as possible. There was some good bits in there I enjoyed, but being honest as well, if not in the right mind, it's boring.

Khang are from Bradford, still, and their brand of stoner is a little more upbeat than others. They do their thing, though not quite as well tonight as the other week in Derby with Blackrock. The one guitarist breaks a string towards the end and so spends the final song jumping around in front of the stage instead.

Armour of God - the real reason I was here. Everyone needs a bit of speed sometimes, and AoG provide it. Just takes me back to the early 80s, but in a very now kind of way, I mean, I don't remember anyone sounding like Morrow on vocals back then. But there's some chugg riffs, speed blasts everything. Superb. If you like the early crossover sound, then this is a band you need to check out, I think they've got a split release with 3rd Stone due out soon, so check it out. An American voice from the side of the room yells "awesome" as they finish. Couldn't really put it better.

The voice belonged to someone selling merchandise for Leadfoot, who as all the adds that I've seen for their tour say, feature 2 ex members of Corrosion of Conformity. And you can forget the link from there on in. "As you may have noticed, we're not really stoner, we like to think we put the boner in stoner". Yeah, to be honest, there's some boringly dodgy moments here. One of the guitarists comes to the front for each of his solos, pulls the shapes, pouts and poses. The bassist goes topless to reveal a sculptured torso, to be honest, the only one of the band who would, and it's a bit cheesy. A few times I can't help but feel that if it wasn't for the names and that link, then this is cheesy pub rock that many bands do, and not many get to tour Europe for 8 or 9 weeks. Interest is peaked only for the cover of Thin Lizzy's Don't Believe a Word. Apparently there's a track on the next album to be called Fucking and Fighting, and there's "one for the ladies" which seems to have a title of If You Don't Go Down On Me, Someone Else Will. They play for an hour or more, it's 12.45 when they finish, I've got work the next morning, and like I said, I'm a wanker. So for me, it was pretty average and nothing to get excited about. The others there though, well that seemed to tell a different story.