Leicester Charlotte

April 27 2000

So, a couple of days later and the Italians get a decent reception again in the UK. Bit of a surprise cos most times I've been to Leicester (admittedly not many), it's been a relatively poor turnout. But there's a fair few people here tonight, including their label people from Earache, and as the band hit the stage, there's immediately some people down the front given it a good old shuffle and leap. And the band respond in style, the two vocalists manage to leap and bound all over the small stage. The songs, well, still think they're lacking a bit in originality and substance, but even new they're familiar enough for most people to be able to respond to almost immediately. We'll say nothing about the cover this evening, and as once more the set finishes with "you're wonderful", there's a feeling that it could be sincere tonight. Surprising what importance a crowd can actually play in a gig innit?