Orange Goblin / Goatsnake

Derby Vic

May 17 2000

So, it's been more than 2 weeks since the last gig. Can't say I've missed it, getting a bit bored of it recently. Also managed to be traumatised by reaching me thirties in that time. Only just begining to come to terms with that one. But still, some things don't change. My impeccable sense of timing means I've manged to miss Sunn in their entirety and Goatsnake are already playing by the time I've arrived.

I've never actually heard Goatsnake before, but may well be tempted to take a listen to their stuff having heard them. There's some almost floor rumbling low end in their sludgy groove, but they've got a hidden weapon in the vocals. This kind of music always seems to benefit from someone with a soulful, almost bluesy voice, and that's what this sounds like. It means that tracks like Four and Who Are You standout from the rest. Impressive stuff.

And where Goatsnake have the soul, the Goblin have the beer. And Ben Ward. Not what you might call the most soulful singer, it's more dirt and grit. The new album, which also happens to be the only one I have, hasn't really kicked in yet for me, but I'm persevering with it because you know how sometimes you just get a sense that an album is waiting to spring its surprises on you after a few plays. That's kind of what's going on here. There's something there, I'm just waiting for me and it to be more than passing strangers in the night.

Live it's different. Somehow you've got to love the absurdity of a 6 foot something man standing proud in his Maiden Killers shirt, bellowing "I want to see you go fucking crazy" and "loose your fucking minds" and other similar cries of encouragement. It's like watching a kid living his dreams. Which maybe is part of what this whole live music thing should be about. Live it feels more uptempo, a little more energy than I'm getting from the CD at the moment, and there's loads of Sabbath like moments, the riffs, the vocal melodies, even the vocals themselves remind you, albeit in a down and dirty manner. Highlights are Magic Carpet, over which I'm sure you can sing Sabbath, and the encore of The Big Black itself, and the closing cover of Motorhead's No Class. Wouldn't go that far, they've got a bit more class than that.