King Prawn / Dai Lo

Nottingham Old Angel

October 19 2000

Just how many things can go wrong in 2 or 3 weeks? I say that cos it's like nearly a day after the gig now, and another bleeding machine has gone the shape of the pear. Fuck all to do with the gig, but this is my escape valve, and now things are escaping. Well come on, all the bands will tell you the music is a release for them so that they don't kill everyone, same here for me.

And talking of killing, or maybe it's killing the talking, but there's a group of people near me who talk their way through the entire Dai Lo set. Uh, hello, wake up, fuck off, there's a band on. Yes, I could move away, but hey, why don't the people who talk move instead. Like bugger off to a place for talking rather than just being oblivious to the band. Especially when it's Dai Lo. Ok, not for me the best gig I've seen them do - something was missing, not sure what, but they're still one of the bands that you actually want to keep your eyes on. "We're doing a 6 song set tonight, that's only 20 minutes, but some class A drugs may mean that it's only 15 minutes long" says Shaun, and from that point you know he's going to be on top form. 4 of the songs are new, forget the titles now, but the final one, the up and in your face and rip it off Mr Misery really hits home immediately, the remainder you know will grow in the same way that the 2 "oldies", Moths and Warhead have grown to the point where even I don't miss the absence of Twist The Knife too much. "Stick around for King Prawn, you can still get to Rock City by midnight and buy 10 cans of Red Stripe for a tenner" says Shaun and they leave the stage.

Luckily people did stay, a lot of people again. Crikey. Carry on at this rate and Nottingham will be in danger of getting a reputation of being a decent place for bands to play. From the start to the end of Alien Spawn, the Prawn have people eating out of their hands, with almost 3/4 of the room skanking and pogoing for all their worth. Yes, course I was in the other 1/4, skulking around. The majority of the set is culled from the latest, (and I must admit, not played very often) album, Surrender To The Blender, with old faves like Racist Copper thrown in. New or old it doesn't really matter, because without necessarily having a formula, King Prawn songs are always identifiable with them and seem to fit seemlessly into their set. They've got an extra geezer on stage with them, doing the wind instruments duty, and there's even a few stage divers going off here and there. Of course Babar talks seemingly nonsense, the band swap instruments countless times and everyone has a good time. Even me. What a shocker.