Labrat / Subvert

Nottingham Old Angel

July 16 2000

It's alive, alive I tell you. The UK has never had a more vibrant well supported bunch of music scenes and genres.

So, after last nights packed gig, it's another day another review. Oh no sorry. That's a lie isn't it. There was no gig here tonight, as when I arrived it had been cancelled due to the entire city of Nottingham having better things to do on a Sunday - you rock'n'roll animals you. What are you? That's right, you're a bunch of rock'n'roll animals.

Absolutely pitiful.

Still, it does mean that I can curl up in bed with a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate early tonight, which is good for someone my age cos I need the rest. And so should you. Don't overdo it, otherwise you'll end up as old and creaky as me.

Now now Dave, you really must stop taking the sarcastic pills. Especially mixed with those antagonistic pills. You know it only makes people angry (Puts on best pitiful look) Sowwwy, won't do it again.