Defenestration / Karmic Jera

Derby Victoria Inn

June 7 2001

Arriving, there's the end of possibly a widdlefest by Cruel Humanity, but it ends about 2 minutes after we get in, so nowt to say on that then.

Next are Karmic Jera - crap name what about the band? Er, they're ok, but the fare they're peddling is really nothing new. Lots of the WhiteZombie esque technoy metal thing. Riffs are pretty boring. It all sounds good, but at the moment it doesn't feel like there's any real substance. In one way you can see how they won a competition to get a label deal, but in another way you can see why maybe that's not such a great idea. Here, now, but a bit boring dull and mundane. Still the kids enjoy it, throwing themselves into each other in the reckless abondonment of youth, and at one point all collapsing in a domino like effect, which at least puts a smile on this withered old face.

I think you officially hit "old bastard" when even the bands make you feel that way. It's one thing to feel old in comparison to the rest of the crowd, but the band as well? That's when it gets scary. I've never actually heard any Defenstration before, what I've read about them says a kind of Raging Speedhorny thing. Which seems to be reasonably accurate, though the songs feel a little shorter and more to the point, which means that my attention doesn't wander as much (the Speedhorn can bore me). Ultimately, like it or not, at the moment the band have the spotlight because of vocalist Gen. Many have commented on how effortlessly she appears able to perform those pained growls, and as I am merely one of the sheep of mankind, I'll do the same. She seems to be able to perform those pained growl vocals with so much ease, no effort at all. It's offset by the more melodic vocals, and a youthful energy and cheeriness between songs. Truthfully the songs didn't really stick with me. I think just about every single one of them was introduced with the name, but I don't actually recall what any were called and how they went. There's some talent there and it'll be interesting to see exactly how it develops. Into the Iron Monkey, Speedhorn, Charger sludge and you may like this. Otherwise it's the frontperson factor. But it doesn't really do a great deal for me.