Hellacopters / Dukes of Nothing

Nottingham Rock City

March 10 2001

Missed the first band. But that's ok, the main reason I was here was to see Dukes of Nothing, whom I've heard a bit about, but never heard anything by, and I thought they were on first, so I was quite relieved to discover I'd not missed them. When they take the stage, it's very much a garagey, scuzzy rock'n'roll thing. Guitars point to the sky, and there's a beard on display to make even Mr Steve Von Till weep. It's kind of got that Motorhead feel, the vocals are rough, the music punchy and too the point. Much better than some of the bands who drag things down to a snailspace and then gargle the old sulphuric acid for vocals.

Can't say I've listened to the Hellacopters. Alright, I can say it. I've not listened to the Hellacopters. Again, rock'n'roll, but often my mind was thinking, ok, so they've got the garagey thing going on, but at the same time they're not a million miles away from some of the dodgy 80s stuff as well. It's a fine line. But they're confident, as Nicke introduces one song as "being from the second album and it's one of the best songs I've ever heard." Of course he's lying, but it's not bad. Not sure I'd see myself listening to them too much on CD, but live, the arms windmill to play guitar, though there's a noticeable lack of windmilling or the need to mosh or kill anyone in the crowd, and there's even people clapping along with their hands in the air baby. And it's pretty full down here. It's bordering on the 80s stuff, but this is without the pretty face. And as I have to peg it out of here straight afterwards, it's interesting to see that all the youngsters, the new breed, are queuing to come in. The divide still exists.