Linea77 / DaiLo / Onedice

Nottingham Rock City

January 25 2001

Although it's only the first time I've heard or seen Onedice, I'm not sure. Half the time it seemed rather boring, predictable kind of stuff, a lot of bluster and not a lot of real interest. The other times there were enough hints of a bit of a good old thrash background to make it interesting. I guess it's probably the sort of thing that really warrants a few listens, it's just is it going to be engaging enough to make me want to listen to it a few times. Which is partly to do with my current very tied outlook on the whole "heavy" scene at the moment. Ok, not inspired.

I wanted to see LostProphets, as they are getting good reviews and a fair amount of attention. I wanted to see them to see if they'd changed much from a few years ago, when the demo that I had, was to be honest, pretty cack and boringly generic Limp Bizkit wannabee. However, for reasons unexplained, but which from what I heard were pretty petty on behalf of some place, they weren't allowed to play.

Instead, it's a pleasant surprise to see DaiLo fill in instead. They only get to do 4 songs, Warhead and 3 new tracks. Which all sound good, despite the fact they suffer a pretty appaling sound, with the guitar in particular being painful. The material shone through in a difficult situation, though despite Shaun's best efforts to gain interest by offering a free t-shirt to the person who danced the most, there were only 2 contenders. Pretty sad indictment on the state of the UK really. The something that was missing last time was back tonight, and I still don't know exactly what IT is. If only they'd had a half decent sound.

Linea77 are a band that don't really do it for me. In that "I'm getting fed up with this sort of thing" way. If you like the nu-metal style though, you'll probably love them. The two vocalist leapfrog around the stage, there's plenty of energy and obvious interaction that allows the crowd to feed off things. And that appears to be important with all this sort of music, sometimes at the expense of the songs. They play a mixture off the 2 albums, and although it's a success, it's probably not really a triumph for the band. Certainly not as good a reaction as the last time they played on the Kill2This / earthtone9 tour.